How to Win at Keno Every Time

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We have explored Ancient China and delved into the origins of Keno. Now we come to you to reveal this game’s great mystery. Here, you’ll find the best tips and tricks on Keno you’ll ever come across.

Keno Prejudices. Let’s Stop Them! We Love Keno

Welcome to the game of patience and pure luck. The story of Keno’s origin takes us back to Ancient China. Imagine you had The Great Wall of China to build and numerous wars to fight. Those were some expensive projects, so China’s governing brains came up with a lottery game in order to gather some money for China’s war efforts. This move provided voluntary participation of people, as well as that it worked around the taxing system. The game remained highly popular in China, but Keno’s breach of the western countries began in the 1800s, in the Wild West. Lots of immigration workers came from China to work on the transcontinental railroad. Naturally, as the Chinese newcomers began to mingle with the locals, they introduced them to the “Baige Piao,” as they called the game we now know as Keno.

The more American-like sounding name Keno comes from the Latin word ‘quini,’ which translates as “five in a group.”

Similar to Bingo, you place your bet on a random choice of numbers you feel could be the ‘win big’ dream come true. It’s precisely this games’ simplicity that has made it a classic over the years.

Now, when people mention Keno, the first impression they get is — hey grandma and grandpa, sitting on a Friday night holding their glasses tight on the tip of their noses — focusing on a string of numbers, hoping the next number is the ONE. Well, the fact that people underestimate the game of Keno made us write this article so that we could break every prejudice about it. It was about time someone stood up for Keno.

You know the most common phrase we come across when talking about Keno is “There is no way to win at Keno other than by earning the favour of the gods of luck.” Well, not unless we try to beat the odds by using a couple of smart and handy tips. So are there some Keno strategies you could use to increase your chances of winnings? Technically, no. However, there are a few tricks you could try out.

Game Structure and How to Play Keno

A game of Keno is a game of numbers. There are 80 numbers in total available to bet on. Most often, players can select up to 10 of them and place their bets. Afterwards, the machine randomly picks 20 numbers from the total 80, and the more numbers the players guessed, the larger their winnings are. However, keep in mind that there is a minimum of numbers the players have to guess to receive any winnings at all. Although, keep in mind that the more numbers you pick, the more of them you’ll have to guess correctly in order to receive any reward in the first place. In addition, some casinos allow the players to pick up to 20 different numbers instead of only up to 10. In the past, the 80 Keno numbers were written on balls, whereas today, most Keno games are completely automated, and all the selections are done by a computer, i.e., a Random Number Generator. Moreover, nowadays, you can even play Keno online at many of the online casinos.

Now, when you play online, you receive a ticket. This is a kind of a betting card which has numbers laid out on it, better known as spots. Additionally, a Keno game is referred to as a race. And if you bet on a number that was picked, that is called ‘catching a spot.’ Furthermore, your winnings depend solely on the number of ‘caught spots’ you have. This is why our first advice to you is to always pay attention to the kind of payouts the casino offers on their pay table.

On top of that, there are a couple of ways to bet in Keno. First of all, you pick your numbers, and when you finish selecting your spots, you place a wager. Usually, a bet of $5 applies to your ticket as a whole. However, what is also important is how many races you wish to bet on, so you can choose, for example, five runs of draws, making it a total wager of $25 ($5 for each round). And when playing Keno online, there are usually ‘play ten’ or ‘play five’ buttons to play your ticket automatically five or ten times.

Tips to Win More at Keno

Before deciding to bet real money on Keno, you should know there are numerous free or online demo versions of the game, so we advise you try them out first.

Moreover, choose games and casinos with better payouts. Yes, we all agree on this one, but you would be surprised as to how many players are too lazy to do any research and would rather play without any preparation. But if you don’t put some effort in, how can you expect the results to be lucrative? Maybe your favourite casino just happened to have a lousy payout for Keno. So find another one with better conditions. You are not leaving your casino, you’re just exploring potentially better options.

Although, keep in mind that, as a rule of thumb, online casinos give better payouts than the brick and mortar ones.

The Most Useful Tip in Our Opinion

The selection of numbers you are playing has a crucial role. So when you are given the option of choosing between 1–10/15/20 numbers with the same wager, how do you decide how many to pick? If you are a Keno beginner, it is only natural to believe in the phrase — the more, the better. However, this would usually be a false assumption. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that the payouts can change depending on how many numbers you choose in total. This means that if you should hit five out of five, your cashout could be 50 to 1. However, if you guess five out of ten, well, then this reduces to 3 to 1.

Ok, so without further ado, let’s give you the magic number — it is from four to eight. That’s your best shot. Cherish this advice, and it might bring you some serious winnings. But how did we come to this conclusion? If you think about it, you realise that if you select fewer than four, chances of winning would be meagre. On the other hand, any number over ten, and you’ll have to hit more than four to get any extra money other than the amount you wagered. And that is quite unlikely.

The only reason why you would choose more than ten numbers would be if you were chasing after the Progressive Jackpot (in case it is attached to the specific game). But this is only an example for the ones who are addicted to the risk-it-all-to-reach-the-dream kind of rush.

Now, we are going to present to you a bit riskier tip than all of the above. Namely, some players claim that if you pick consecutive numbers, your odds will increase. But as we’ve established before, the Random Number Generator is the one pulling the numbers. However, even despite that, many Keno fans are convinced that if you play with a choice of consecutive numbers, you will win a lot more.

On the other hand, there is also a theory that if you bet on the numbers that haven’t been drawn for a while (popularly called, cold numbers), they will be more likely to be drawn soon. Though we have to mention that this didn’t bring us any luck, but it may not be the case for you. Anyway, if you wish to try this one out, choose a platform which shows you the least and the most drawn numbers in the game so you don’t have to keep a track of it yourself.

Also, you should always play in a reputable casino. And we are not saying this applies only for Keno. This goes for any game. If you play in an honest and trustworthy establishment, you will be able to cash out your winnings. At the end of the day, isn’t this the most important thing when gambling?


An impossible mission and disappointment await the ones hoping to outsmart the system. Some individuals rely on ‘strategies’ and myths. Others are trying to implement mathematical formulas in order to calculate which moves give them the best odds. But what is the only truth? In the end, the only thing you can count on is the factor no one can explain. We bet you know what this is. Yup, ladies and gentleman, it is the ultimate, the one and only, the great and pure LUCK. Is anyone disappointed by this? If so, don’t be. There is nothing that is certain in life. And we say that, even if Lady Luck doesn’t currently favour you, she is known to be quite fickle. So rest assured she will eventually come to your side. Maybe our tips are just the thing to attract this particular damsel.