How Do You Get Your Money on Online Slot Machines?

Slots are some of the most popular online casino games nowadays. With millions of players all over the world trying to hit that big win, it’s no wonder many of them want to know how to win money on online slot machines.

However, if you’re looking for a particular strategy to win money playing online slot games, you’ll likely be disappointed. Admittedly, there are ways to tilt those odds in your favor. Many gambling sites will provide you with a bunch of incentives such as free spin rounds, and that can happen on a regular basis. However, these incentives are what attracts thousands of punters and if not careful, leaves them penniless. This is why we created this short guide with a few dirty, little secrets that can help your bankroll on this journey. Let’s jump right to it.

Choose the RTP Carefully

This might seem like an obvious point to make, but this is considered to be one of the most common mistakes players tend to make. If you are looking for a way to beat slots, you should know how they work. The RTP is there to help you with that. All the rules that real money casinos impose on players sometimes seem strenuous, but they exist for a good reason. In this case, it helps with narrowing the choice of your favorite slots, and we are all well aware that choosing your ideal slot can be tedious work. So, what exactly is an RTP percentage in slots? Basically, the RTP stands for return-to-player and refers to the wagered money that the house repays its players. Let’s be clear — that doesn’t mean how much money you will surely win back, it refers to the amount of invested stakes the game is returning to players. Here we used it in an example:

If you opt for the game that holds 92% RTP, you can expect $0.92 in the $1 to return. Of course, you have to count on that the house edge and the RTP are calculated in the long term, so you have to wager with cash you are ready to lose.

The numbers usually vary from 92–97%, so you should aim for 96% or higher. You can find this information anywhere on the site or just look up for that specific slot online. You may find a few review articles, that can help with your decision.

Go for the Right Volatility

The volatility of slot machines is another vital step, and it refers to the amount of risk that the game brings to the table. Using this term, players are advised about how often and precisely how much they could possibly win or lose.

When you encounter a high volatility slot, bear in mind that you are dealing with a high-risk high-reward machine. This means that payouts are significantly higher, however, they are few and far between. If you go for this machine, prepare yourself for hours looking at the reels, spending your money, and each spin will have nothing to show for it. And it goes on for a long time. This way of playing implies that you are fully prepared with a handsome-sized bankroll and a ton of spare time. But, the most appealing feature of these machines is that moment when the reels line up perfectly and — bam! You won yourself a large payout, and all the boredom was worthwhile.

However, if you don’t have a bankroll of that size and you are not much of a risk taker, you should go for low volatility slots. On the opposite side of the coin, you can expect lower, but more frequent rewards. The time will inevitably slip away since the reels will be holding your attention for hours, with small wins every once in a while. It is essential to state that it is possible for that great win to happen, but the frequency and the probability of that happening is significantly lower as opposed to the high volatility slots. All you need to do is determine your pace.

Exploit Free Spins

This bonus feature always comes in handy, and it can be activated in several different ways. Usually, the free spin feature is triggered when a series of symbols are hit across the reels bringing a winning combination. This is the most exciting feature that grants you higher chances of winning without the need to spend any more money on bets. Before diving into your favorite reels, take your time and do some proper research about the venue and its terms. Some free spins can be activated upon your arrival, while you’re a regular player with weekly or monthly incentives or while you’re in action on the reels. Either way, we strongly suggest paying your undivided attention to the Terms and Conditions page. This is truly important since sometimes free spins can be played at any game from the casino’s game library, and sometimes this feature doesn’t apply to the whole slot selection. Typically, the gambling venue provides its players with the opportunity to choose their favorite slots and use this feature on them only. Either way, spend some time on research before you decide to deposit and commit.

Avoid Popular Titles

Let’s be clear, branded slot machines are awesome, especially if they feature your favorite movie or a show. But, if you think about it, why would these titles give the biggest payouts if they are already attracting clientele with their popular theme? There is no need for that, especially since the branding already cost too much. Their investment was worthwhile since it brought you to their machine, right? Yes, they involve those characters you love so much, so you will assume that it is worth your investment too. Wrong. They tend to offer the lowest payouts, and your chances are significantly lower if you decide to follow your instincts. Play smart and earn your money on a non-branded slot, and play the Game of Thrones slot just for the laughs.

 Join the Club

In this competitive industry, the operators are forced to come up with creative solutions in order to keep their customers. This is why they came up with exciting membership schemes, filled with different kinds of benefits. This program operates in a similar way as the ‘frequent flier’ scheme employed in many airline companies. Every time you decide to play on their site, the operator awards you with loyalty points that, once accumulated, bring different rewards. Some venues will allow you to swap your accumulated points for cash rewards, gift packages or even holiday getaway. But, if you are a slot player, you could be looking at a bunch of free spin bonuses that could ease your possible losses and help boost your bankroll. Signing up for a membership is usually a no-brainer, but in case of any troubles, consult with the customer support and become a ‘frequent flier’!

Final Thoughts

So, the question remains — how to defeat a slot machine? The answer is fairly straightforward — you don’t. The only thing you can do is choose the right slot machine and go for a long run victory.

Just keep in mind that slot machines make a big piece of the casino’s profit, so there will be not much left for you. But, if you create your own strategy and become an informed player, you may get decent income out of this occasional hobby. Good luck!